Lavor SWL R 850 ET

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Code: 0.061.0005
SWL R 850 ET
Integrated vacuumFilter shakerBelt transmissionSide brush exclusionFront dust vacuum systemFlap raise system


  • Ideal for large surfaces. 
  • Large surface distributed on 5 filter cartridge filters fitted with electric shaker filter. 
  • Side brush raising control. switch off. 
  • Suction Flap raise system. 
  • Flashing light. 
  • Main brush pressure regulation. 
  • Indirect back collection. 
  • Front dust vacuum system. 
  • Quick changing of the main brush and side brush without tools. 
  • Long life elastic belts. 
  • Suction selection lever. 
  • Shock proof steel frame. 
  • Traction lever. 
  • Antistatic device. 
  • Wide collector tank. 
  • Heavy duty steel frame. 
  • Perfectly balanced weight of the components, thus resulting in totally safe quick changes of direction. 
  • Battery and battery charger not included.

Technical characteristics

Main brush width 650 mm
Main brush + side brush width 850 mm
Collector tank 55 lt
Hourly efficiency 4900 m2/h
Traction / limiting gradient front wheel / 14%
Brush pressure adjustable
Speed 5,8 Km/h
Motor type / power 24/1670 (5 motors) V/W
Filtering surface 4 m2
Filter shaker electric

Standard accessories

Filtro polveri a cartuccia-6x10.jpg

Paper cartridge filter 14 microns


to 14 micron paper cartridge

Spazzola laterale PPL-10x8.jpg

Side brushin PP


side broom

0.961.0010 copia.png

Main brush in PP and stem in Moplen, bristle? ¸ 0, 5 mm

PP and Central brush frame in Moplen, bristle? ¸ 0, 5 mm

Search Utility


Lavor SWL R 850 ET


Hypermarkets, supermarkets-malls, Department stores-Discount-DIY Centres


Schools and University-Kindergartens and libraries-kitchens-canteens and Gyms, stadiums, tennis courts, sports halls-churches, oratories and religious Institutions-municipalities and provinces-airports, railway stations, metro-Barracks, military bases