Lavor SWL R 1000 ET with front light system

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Code: 0.601.0030
SWL R 1000 ET with front light system


  • Ideal for large surfaces. 
  • Large filter surface distributed on 8 cartridge filters fitted with electric filter shaker. 
  • Side brush raising control. 
  • On request DSA unload device for tank emptying into dust containers up to 145 cm height. 
  • Complete left side brush. 
  • Anti-trace wheels. 
  • Suction switch off. 
  • Lift flap pedal. 
  • Flashing light. 
  • Main brush pressure regulation. 
  • 90° steering angle. 
  • Electric starter. Service and parking brake. Hour meter and klaxon. 
  • Slip platform. Indirect back collection. 
  • Front dust vacuum system. 
  • Quick changing of the main brush and side brush without tools. 
  • Long life elastic belts. 
  • Suction selection lever. 
  • Shock proof steel frame. 
  • Traction lever. 
  • Antistatic device. 
  • Battery level indicator (mod.ET). 
  • 115 lt wide collector tank. 
  • Heavy duty steel frame. 
  • Adjustable seat. 
  • Front working light system. 
  • Battery and battery charger not included. 
  • Front light system

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Lavor SWL R 1000 ET with front light system