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• Ready: washes, sweeps and dries in both working directions. • High cleaning performance thanks to the dual contra-rotating cylindrical brushes.• Key features: sweeping action, bi-directional drying, multi-surface capabilities (including carpets and rugs).•”Start-stop” safety handle.• Lightweight (only 15Kg) and easy to handle, cleaning the floor has never been less tiring.• Maintenance and lubrication free• Low running noise <70 dB

Dual contra-rotating cylindrical brushes offer up to 40% more cleaning performance in a single pass, significantly increasingproductivity. The machine features a safety handle for switching it on and off instantaneously.Flexibility of use thanks to the bi-directional handle and floor squeegee which allows the machine to be used in any working direction.Sweeping function thanks to the dual contra-rotating cylindrical brushes, combined with a special “mechanical” recovery system, Ready washes, sweeps and dries at the same time.Multi-surface use thanks to dual brushes, has been designed for use on all floor sufaces, including carpets and rugs: it is suited for wood, cotto, ceramic floor tiles, stone, marble, texturedflooring, bolted rubber flooringcarpet tiles and carpets with ease.The perfect balance: the centrally mounted motor and tank ensure a perfect balance, the essential prerequisite for light weight and good handling in all conditions.Completely protected components: the only fully sealed machine: no water, dust or residue of any kind can get into it.

Technical characteristics

Scrubbing / squeegee width 320/340 mm
Detergent tank capacity 3,5 l
RPM / pressure on the brushes 650 RPM/17 RPM/Kg
Brush motor power 200 W
Traction meccanico
Recovery tank capacity stop/total 6 l
Voltage 36V (battery and charger included)
Working width 320 mm
Squegee width 340 mm
Max working capacity 1500 m2/h
Sound level dB (A) <70 dB(A)
Depression / power engine aspiration 1000 mmH2O/100W

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