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Code: 8.518.0004
Quick 36E

Suitable to work in congested areas like small shops, offices, kitchens, schools, hospitals, bars, gyms, restaurants. 

Solenoid valveCharge meter and battery protectionNumber of disc brushes
  • Copy of facile accesso organi meccanici
  • Copy of pannello di comandi analogico
  • Copy of tergipavimento parabolico


  • Adjustable flow (automatic start-stop with solenoid valve) of the detergent solution depending on type of surface. 
  • Brush with quick release. 
  • Removable recovery tank.
  • Squeegee lifting lever. 
  • Compact reclining handle with control switches. 
  • Easy access and simple service of the components.  
  • Reclining handle-fit on any operator's height and allowing the perfect cleaning also on 90° corners. 
  • Shock-absorbing covers, simple cleaning of the recovery tank, non marking wheels.   
  • Easy access to mechanical parts (easy maintenance of each component), removable recovery tank without tools   
  • User friendly analogic control panel. 
  • Control lever for brush operation and detergent water outflow. 
  • General ON/OFF switch, brush and vacuum motor switch, solenoid valve operation switch.   
  • Parabolic squeegee rubber blades, easy replacement. 
  • The floating brush plate and grant the right cleaning squeegee pressure on any type of floor.

Technical characteristics

Scrubbing / squeegee width 360/460 mm
Detergent tank capacity 11 l
RPM / pressure on the brushes 130/18 RPM/Kg
Brush motor power 370 W
Traction mechanical
Depression / Vacuum motor 850/400 mmH2O/W
Recovery tank capacity stop/total 12-13 l
Power supply 220/240V-50/60Hz

Standard accessories



PPL Brush ø 360 mm-14 "

Lama squeegee rossa.jpg


Front squeegee blade L.537 mm-sp. 2.5 mm

Lama squeegee rossa.jpg

Squeegee blade rear L.590-SP. 3 mm

Squeegee Blade rear L.590 -SP. 3 mm



PPL Brush ø 360 mm-14 "

PPL Brush

?? 360 mm-14 "

Other versions of Quick

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Quick 36B

Suitable to work in congested areas like small shops, offices, kitchens, schools, hospitals, bars, gyms, restaurants. 

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LavorPro Quick 36E


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Schools and University-Kindergartens and libraries-kitchens-canteens and Gyms, stadiums, tennis courts, sports halls-churches, oratories and religious Institutions-municipalities and provinces-airports, railway stations, metro-Barracks, military bases