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Code: 8.406.0015

GV Egon VAC allows, simply and quickly and with the exclusive use of water, steam cleaning of all surfaces together with dust and liquid vacuuming. It is possible to clean and sanitize all surfaces (ceramic, stainless steel, glass, wood, linoleum, marble, carpet, armchairs and sofas) with high temperature steam, removing mites, germs, bacteria and prevent the onset of allergies. High pressure stainless steel boiler with unlimited autonomy, ready in a few moments and complete with a wide set of accessories. Fields of application:Hospitality, community & healthcare (hospitality, buildings cleaning, spa & sport, education & community, healthcare).Food & beverage (food industry, catering, beverage, winery). Industry (industry, trasportation, car washers, car dealers).

Washable  fiilterDust vacuum systemNO-STOP REFILLING
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• ABS body • Ready steam warning lamp • Boiler 1,9 kW S.S. AISI 304 • Low level water lamp indicator • Boiler is refilled continuously • ashable filter • Flex hose2 m • Recovery tank capacity 8 l • Steam regulation • Wheels suitable for use in food processing area • ON/OFF main switch with indicator lamp • ON/OFF boiler switch with indicator lamp • Water filter • Pressure gauge. • Silent operation in sensitive and crowded areas, just setting the suction power on the gun.Thanks to the water filter it is possibile to empty dit water tank in a few seconds, no need of paper collector filtersNo more waiting for the boiler to cool down, it can be safely refilled,even while you are using it. Set the boiler, choose the steam intensity. All the controls are on the handle, press the lever to steam, press the button to vacuum. • With high efficiency suction and the electronic control, it ispossible to set vacuum power on the gun and to vacuum steam melted with dirt. It is possible to vacuum dust and liquids with a 4 stage filteringsystem by adding, optionally, filtering water for greater filtration efficiency.

Technical characteristics

Pressure 5 bar
Max temperature 152 °C
Absorbed power / boiler 1900 / 220/240-50 (ph. 1) W - V-Hz
Absorbed power vacuum motor 1200 (max 1400) W
Column depression / Air suction 24 - 220 kPa - m3/h
Tank capacity water / detergent 8 l

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