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Code: 8.628.0027
Graffiti Waster

Graffiti Waster is a portable steam generator, equipped with diesel fuel, allowing graffiti and dirt removal in general, thanks to the revolutionary system using steam/steam/detergent sand and mashed together. To remove all types of graffiti from walls, buildings, floors. To restore and clean statues/monuments. Satanismocalibro9 walls andrailings. Clean and sand blasting terracotta tiles, roofing tiles and wood. Pickle machineries and surfaces thanks to a combined use of detergents. Unlimited autonomy: thanks to non-stop water tank refilling.


  • Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil. 
  • Auxiliary motor for burner. 
  • Discharge valve: allows a complete discharge of the boiler. 
  • Temperature regulator: the temperature is set up by an electronic regulator. 
  • Steam pressure gauge 
  • Temperatures. 
  • Low fuel regulator lamp. 
  • Integrated detergent tank with detergent delivery controller by the gun 
  • Double pipe gasoil pump. 
  • User-friendly control panel. 
  • Unit can be continually refilled. 
  • Battery and battery charger included.

Main plus in comparison to traditional sand blasting systems using air or water:

  • It doesn't leave residuals at the end of cleaning tasks. 
  • No water waste. 
  • Noiseless pickups.
  • Allows sanitization tasks thanks to the combined use of steam and detergents.
  • The operator doesn't need protective overalls and protective masks with filters.
  • Lack of hazardous dust that are pulled down by steam.
  • With a LavorPro vacuum cleaner it is possible to carry out a deep cleaning of the area at the end of the cleaning task. 
  • Portability: it doesn't need to be connected nor to water supply, because it is equipped with water tank, not to the electrical supply, because it has a diesel fuel boiler. 
  • Easy to use and always ready to use. 
  • Easy to move.

Standard accessories

64020081 PROLUNGA VAPORE.png

Straight lance 175 mm without nozzle

Straight lance 175 mm without nozzle

64020094 PROLUNGA.png

Lance extension

Lance extension 650 mm


set 3 spazzolini

3 brushes Kit (Pek-stainless steel-brass)


Black plastic scraper 50 l.

black plastic Scraper 50 l.

64020099 lancia sabbiante per vapore.png

Sand blasting 425 mm

Sandblaster Nozzle 425 mm

37490475 tubi per vapore.png

Tubo rigido per testina sabbiante

tube for sandblaster


40080009 tubo trasp vapore.png

Flex hose for sandblasting

Flex hose for sandblasting


Steam nozzle

Steam nozzle G 1/8  d = 3,75


accessorio botti.png


Accessory ideal for barrels cleaning

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Lavor Graffiti Waster


Schools and University-Kindergartens and libraries-kitchens-canteens and Gyms, stadiums, tennis courts, sports halls-churches, oratories and religious Institutions-municipalities and provinces-airports, railway stations, metro-Barracks, military bases


Officine meccaniche-cement plants-steelworks, foundries