Lavor Comfort L 122

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Code: 8.572.0002
Comfort L 122
Suitable for maintenance and deep cleaning of medium and large areas (up to 7,000 m²). More than 170 kg of constant pressure on the brushes. 
Number of disc brushesSolenoid valveHour MeterCherge meter and battery protection
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  • Solution tank capacity 300 liters allows exceptional autonomy and productivity. 
  • Stability even when fully loaded. 
  • Innovative traction system with three independent motor wheels controlled by electronic cards. 
  • Easy access to electrical components 
  • Automatic brush plate lifting system. 
  • Automatic lifting system. 
  • Automatic squeegee squeegee lifting while reverse going. 
  • Automatic control system for brush rotation and detergent water outflow. 
  • Antifoam device. 
  • Self-levelling brushes, hour meter, solenoid valve. 
  • High-performance batteries resulting in high-working-scrubber driers efficiency. 
  • Designed to perform the hardest work and to resist even to extreme stresses with maximum comfort; the frame is made of steel with a thickness profiles varying from 5 to 12 mm, protected with a high resistance corrosion-proof paint. 
  • The unique anti foam device dramatically reduces the foam generation and prevents it from touching the suction motor, thus protecting its operation.
  • The electronic switch floating stops suction when the tank is full.
  • Large tank opening for fast and easy cleaning and sanification.     
  • The cleaning solution tank with an exceptional capacity of 300 liters and the high autonomy of the battery ensure to productivity at the top of the range. 
  • The wide rear opening allows for an easy and quick refilling of the cleaning solution tank   
  • The motorwheels, designed and built by Lavor, grant optimal performance and exceptional reliability (over 30,000 hours). 
  • The innovative three-wheel drive system ensures perfect traction in every operating condition. 
  • The high power of the three motorwheels allows the machine to get over remarkable slopes.

Technical characteristics

Scrubbing / squeegee width 1220/1450 mm
Detergent tank capacity 280 l
RPM / pressure on the brushes 150/170 RPM/Kg
Brush motor power 3 x 1000 W
Traction 3-wheels drive
Depression / Vacuum motor 1800/600 mmH2O/W
Max. working capacity 8540 m2/h
Recovery tank capacity stop/total 315/340 l
Traction motor power 3 x 600 W
Power supply 36V

Standard accessories


PPL Brush ø 406 mm-16 "

PPL Brush

?? 406 mm-16 "


Front squeegee blade L.1500 mm 4 mm 40 Th.

front squeegee Blade L.1500 mm 4 mm 40th.


Rear squeegee blade L.1580 mm 33 Th. 6 mm

rear squeegee Blade L.1580 mm 33 Th. 6 mm


batteria GEL a cassone.png

Tubular battery 36V 525Ah C5

tubular shutter

Batteries 36V 525Ah C5

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Lavor Comfort L 122


SPA-pools-saunas and Turkish baths-Beauty farm, beauty salons


Farms-wine cellars and oil mills-fodder factories


Hypermarkets, supermarkets-malls, Department stores-Discount-DIY Centres


Officine meccaniche-cement plants-steelworks, foundries