Lavor BSW 651 M

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Code: 0.042.0101
BSW 651 M
Belt transmissionSide brush exclusion


  • Ideal for small and medium surfaces. 
  • Easy handling. 
  • Wide collector tank with safety lock. 
  • Side brush lifting. 
  • Main brush pressure regulation. 
  • Separate side brush. 
  • Adjustable working load on the brush. 
  • Tilting handle. 
  • 360° front wheel. 
  • Die casting brush arm. 
  • Traceless wheels. 
  • Shock proof frame. 
  • Hourly efficiency (max) 1500 m2/h. 
  • Working area (1 side brush) 500-700 mm.

Technical characteristics

Main brush width 500 mm/19,68 inc
Main brush + 1 side brush width 700 mm/27,56 inc
Collector tank/emptying system 40 lt - 10,58 gal/manual
Max working capacity 1500 m2/h - 16146 ft2
Traction manual
Brushes trasmission elastic belt
Pressure o nthe brushes adjustable
Side brush liftiong arm system
Dust-laying system direct
Frame material steel
Dimension/weight 79x76x46 cm/25 Kg

Standard accessories

spazzola centrale.png

Main brush in PP

main brush PP

spazzola laterale.png

Side brush PP

Side brush PP

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Lavor BSW 651 M


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