The SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has been shaking the lives and changing lifestyles of millions of people in the last period, as everyone knows, is a new and unknown virus.

The main research institutes both in Italy and worldwide are conducting laboratory experiments to understand how much the virus can remain active on surfaces and it seems that on some surfaces, such as steel or plastic, the virus can survive up to 3 days. It was also discovered that the virus is eliminated by using alcohol-based cleaners (dilution at least 75%), based on 5% hydrogen peroxide or chlorine (hypochlorite or dioxide) at 1%.

 But is there a greener way to get rid of the virus on surfaces?

 Recent studies have shown that the virus does not withstand temperatures equal to or higher than 70°C. This means that products that produce temperatures equal to or higher than 70°C can be effectively used to clean and disinfect all surfaces in order to eliminate any trace not only of the virus in question, but also of germs and bacteria.

LAVOR has a complete range of products ranging from high-pressure cleaners to scrubbing machines, embracing the entire Cleaning sector: experience, know-how and construction quality are the factors that distinguish all LAVOR products.

Among these, those that best suit the disinfection and sterilization needs of this last period are certainly the steam generators (ideal solution where precise disinfection is required) and a small but surprising CRYSTAL CLEAN hot water scrubbing machine. The latter is able to wash the surfaces with hot water at 90°C and is therefore able to degrease, clean and disinfect the surfaces even without the use of detergents. In addition, Crystal Clean has a vacuum function, it is a compact floor scrubber dryer that leaves the floor clean, disinfected and dry.

The range of LAVOR steam generators, on the contrary, is very wide and includes 12 very different models: with or without vacuum function, with foam dispensing, electric, diesel, combined with pressure washer, single-phase or three-phase; a varied offer that meets all cleaning needs. The temperature is a very important factor: it goes from 165°C up to a maximum of 180°C which guarantees perfect cleaning and removal of germs, bacteria, viruses and anything else present on the surfaces. The peculiarity of saturated steam is to clean and leave surfaces dry.

From LAVOR once again an effective and ecological solution to cleaning problems!