LavorPro SWL R 850 ET

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Code: 0.061.0005
SWL R 850 ET
Integrated vacuumFilter shakerBelt transmissionSide brush exclusionFront dust vacuum systemFlap raise system


  • Ideal for large surfaces. 
  • Large surface distributed on 5 filter cartridge filters fitted with electric shaker filter. 
  • Side brush raising control. switch off. 
  • Suction Flap raise system. 
  • Flashing light. 
  • Main brush pressure regulation. 
  • Indirect back collection. 
  • Front dust vacuum system. 
  • Quick changing of the main brush and side brush without tools. 
  • Long life elastic belts. 
  • Suction selection lever. 
  • Shock proof steel frame. 
  • Traction lever. 
  • Antistatic device. 
  • Wide collector tank. 
  • Heavy duty steel frame. 
  • Perfectly balanced weight of the components, thus resulting in totally safe quick changes of direction. 
  • Battery and battery charger not included.

Technical characteristics

Main brush width 650 mm
Main brush + side brush width 850 mm
Collector tank 55 lt
Hourly efficiency 4900 m2/h
Traction / limiting gradient front wheel / 14%
Brush pressure adjustable
Speed 5,8 Km/h
Motor type / power 24/1670 (5 motors) V/W
Filtering surface 4 m2
Filter shaker electric

Standard accessories

Filtro polveri a cartuccia-6x10.jpg

Paper cartridge filter 14 microns


to 14 micron paper cartridge

Spazzola laterale PPL-10x8.jpg

Side brushin PP


side broom

0.961.0010 copia.png

Main brush in PP and stem in Moplen, bristle? ¸ 0, 5 mm

PP and Central brush frame in Moplen, bristle? ¸ 0, 5 mm



Polyester cartridge filter 20 micron

cartridge filter 20 micron polyester

spazzola centrale misto acciaio.png

Mixed steel side brush and structure in Moplen

mixed steel and side broom trees in Moplen

Left side arm with brush included

Left side arm with brush included

left side arm Assembly with brush included

Batteria 12V.jpg

Tubular lead-acid battery-12V 118Ah C5

tubular lead-acid Battery-12V 118Ah C5

batteria GEL 0.107.0063.png

12 GEL battery 12V 105Ah 105 MFP C5

GEL Battery

MFP 105-12 12V 105Ah C5

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LavorPro SWL R 850 ET


Hypermarkets, supermarkets-malls, Department stores-Discount-DIY Centres


Schools and University-Kindergartens and libraries-kitchens-canteens and Gyms, stadiums, tennis courts, sports halls-churches, oratories and religious Institutions-municipalities and provinces-airports, railway stations, metro-Barracks, military bases